Reg. Charity No. 510031


We are a totally independent charity working with people with learning disabilities

 promoting inclusion, health and wellbeing. Working together to create better things.

                     About Us, Who We Are and How We Started 




Better Things is a totally independent charity who have been working with people with learning disabilities and their families in Manchester for over forty years.

In 1974  a group of parents of people with learning disabilities in Manchester who were worried that there weren’t good  enough services for their sons and daughters got together and formed the charity.


These parents started the charity to try and improve the services available in Manchester.


From working with only a few families in 1974, we have grown substantially. We give free membership to anyone with or without a learning disability who lives in the Greater Manchester area and shares our aims and values.

Our projects work in communities promoting inclusion,health and wellbeing and offering learning and skills opportunities.


Better Things is extremely proud of its charitable status and independence as an organisation. This independence allows us to continue to ensure that our mission statement and aims and objectives are our priority.


We are fully committed to providing quality services, support and advice as a fully independent organisation and have instigated various safeguards to ensure our high standards are maintained.


While we support positive and professional working partnerships with various agencies and organisations, we will not be adversely influenced by them. Our priority and duty of care at all times is to our service users, to promote their rights, choice, health and safety.


We will and have challenged other organisations, agencies and individuals attempting to undermine the rights and well being of people with learning disabilities.


Better Things aims to;

  • Get improvements to laws and regulations that affect people with learning disabilities.  

  • Work for excellent local services for people with learning disabilities and make sure that the services work together.

  • Promote the rights and opportunities of people with learning disabilities.

  • Provide excellent services for people with learning disabilities including day and community activities.

  • Teach professional people (e.g. doctors) and the general public about the needs of people with learning disabilities and their  families.

  • Work with everyone possible so that people with learning disabilities can be full members of the community.

Our Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees consists of a group of volunteers who all have an interest in services for people with learning disabilities. They oversee everything that is being done and have to give approval for any major decisions.

Our current Trustee Board:  

John Gurd, Marlene Middleton, Chris Noble, Peter Owen, Zahir TeemilMelissa Young.


Our Partners and Supporters

We have a proud history of delivering services and working in partnership with and be supported by other agencies, organisations and individuals in Manchester and beyond including Darren Webb, Tyrell Business Support, The Molly House, Zurich Community Trust, South Manchester Healthy Living Network (now BUZZ), Manchester FA, Wythenshawe Community Housing Group, Greater Manchester Police, Lesbian and Gay Foundation, Manchester United Foundation, England Netball, Piper Hill School, the Greater Manchester Ability Counts Football League and Lancashire Disability Cricket.



















































Working together to create better things. 


Better Things adheres to Manchester City Councils policy on safeguarding vulnerable children and adults.

Please visit our contact page to see a copy of our easy read policy.




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Darren Webb (Webby)

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