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      We are a totally independent charity working with people with learning disabilities promoting inclusion, health and wellbeing.


A child with ‪learning disabilities grows up to become an adult with ‪learning disabilities.

We can't cure learning disabilities but we can support people to reach their own individual potential.

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Hate and Disability Hate Crime 


Better Things has been working with multi agencies for some time helping to raise the awareness and the reporting procedure for hate crime, especially disability hate crime.

       What is a Hate Crime or Incident?

A Hate Crime is when someone bullies or hurts someone because they don’t like who they are.


  • It can be any sort of crime – stealing, hitting, graffiti, bullying, being harassed, name-calling, rude telephone calls, rude signs, mugging, even murder.


  • The attacker thinks the person they are attacking is not as good as they are.


  • They think that the person they are hurting is different from them because they are disabled, or a different colour, or religion or sexuality (like being gay).


  • The person who is hurt gets hurt in 2 ways. They get hurt the same as anyone does when they are the victim of a crime. It hurts more because it makes them feel different. It can make them feel very bad about who they are.


  • The attacker can be any age or any sort of person. A lot of people do not think that crime against someone with a learning disability is Hate Crime. 

t crime against someone

with a learning disability is Hate Crime

  What would you do?

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Better Things adheres to Manchester City Councils policy on safeguarding vulnerable children and adults.

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