Reg. Charity No. 510031


                                                We are a totally independent charity working with people with learning disabilities

                                                promoting inclusion, health and wellbeing. Working together to create better things.



Community Development Project

Providing advice and support to people with learning disabilities & their families.









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The Development Project was set up in 1997. Since then the Project has grown steadily. There are now staff working on a variety of projects covering supporting people across Greater Manchester.

In 2011 the Development Project became the Community Development Project and has six main aims; 


1. Develop regular contact with members


The Community Development Project is able to be in touch with members on a regular basis. This means we can stay aware of the needs of people with learning disabilities and their families in Manchester.


2. Campaign and raise awareness about learning disabilities and associated issues.


The Community Development Project delivers workshops and awareness training on a variety of subjects including hate and mate crime 

and health inequalities.


The project engages in community activities and works collaboratively with with other like minded groups and organisations.

3. Fundraising.

Our Community Development Project works on fundraising activities and events to raise awareness and funding for our projects.


Follow Better Things Events on Facebook for upcoming activity.


To make a donation or discuss a fundraising idea please email us at also please see our Support Us page

4. Advise and assist members seeking services or help


The Community Development Project offers help to people in several ways


  • we let you know that there is someone there who will listen.

  • we can help you and your family to talk to and work with services.

  • we can offer you assistance for as long as you need it.


5. Help you to get your voice heard when you talk to service providers


Many people have told us that they face barriers when they try to stand up for their rights. This can break down confidence and energy

The Project aims to give power to members by assisting so that you can make your voice heard yourselves.



6. Develop services that members want


The Community Development Project tries to develop new services which people with learning disabilities and carers want.

At the Community Development Project we regularly talk to the Manchester Learning Disability Partnership and other voluntary groups in the area. 


Working together means we can make sure you and your families are getting the best possible service.








Working together to create better things. 


Better Things adheres to Manchester City Councils policy on safeguarding vulnerable children and adults.

Please visit our contact page to see a copy of our easy read policy.

Radequal Project
Radequal Project

Radequal Community Cohesion Project

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Hate Crime Awareness Event
Hate Crime Awareness Event

Challenging hate through Art

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Salford Quays
Salford Quays

Salford Quays

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